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If you are away from a lesson, misplace your recipe sheet or would like to try the recipes again at home they can all be accessed from my blog! Its as simple as peas!

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pictures from Healthy snack Practical

In your evaluation you need to include:

A sentence explaining why you decided on the product you made?
A few sentence describing what the product looked, smelt, tasted like? Avoid the worda "nice", "ok" "alright" and use sensory word bank to help describe it!
A sentence explaining skills that you have shown e.g. knife chopping, use of oven, presentation skills
A few sentence explaining what other people felt about your product. You can use quotes as well.
A sentence saying how the product could be changed...improved...modified....enhanced
A nutrition label
A few sentences explaining what the nutrition label shows
A copy of your picture.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Your practical after half-term (Monday 3rd Nov) is to produce a hand-held snack of your choice.

As it is an assessed practical you need to think about making sure you can complete the product on your own where possible and that it does not take longer than 1 hour.

Have a great half term

Mr C

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Curry Practical- Tuesday 1st July

Year 7 practical for next week is to make a Curry of your choice- You can make any curry that you would like- it can be mild, medium or hot, jar of sauce or totally from scratch. Many people use a jar of sauce (or paste) and then add extra vegetables etc.  

You are only making the curry so please do not bring the rice as we do not have enough hob space for this to happen! This will be on Tuesday 1st July

Hope that makes sense! .

Any questions please email me!

Mr Coggins